Marvel Zombies-The Right and the Wrong

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hefty price tag for a collector. Marvel made no bones about proudly proclaiming they would do as many varients as they could, Because obviously it was the painted covers of one Arthur Suydam that sold each and every issue.But for a moment let's set the Covers, the Toys and the price tag aside and ask the it good?

Marvel Zombies 1 #1

The Story..

Your flung right into the gore from the very start, The heroes are already undead and thier hungry hunt is on one of the very few remianing survivors, Magneto. Who has come back down to Earth and sucessfully destoryed a device that would allow dimensional travel, thus giving our Undead a never ending buffet of possible planets and galaxies.

The Battle that insues is great in numbers and gore, seeing Magneto not hold back one bit, Flinging metals at and through the zombified Marvels. Cleanly taking off Hakweyes head and giving cap the crew cut of his life.!

But alas it's all for naught as Magneto is brought down by the sneaky little wasp who takes a chunk out of Magneto..and thus begins one feast a search for the next as the world's population faulters....

Does it work?

The style is very tongue in cheek, the nod to dawn of the dead is very evident. either it's hardcore gore, or hardcore humor.

Which would be fine if you truly had that stick in the mud and or a straight guy to work off of but even the Giant-Man wisecracks.

The reason I think this is such a fault of the book is because even the suggested serious moments and plot thickening dialouge is hampered by a joke the next panel and really steps on the emotion toes.

Speaking of the Giant Man by the way I have to say his role as leader of the zombies is laughable.

With Spider-man, Cap and even Wolverine around you have to wonder why such a second and some consider third would not only fall into this role but would be allowed to keep it.

One last trouble I have..And I know it's fanboy-ish but please.

Not every Marvel Character could be made Zombies! Wolverine's healing Factor? Ghost Rider has no skin? Luke Cage has Unbreakable skin! but they are all turned? The obvious misktake and missed plot device would come to even a novice fan and irk them as it would be more interesting then the heroes searching for lunch.

Okay it's not all bad, The Artwork is amazing. A dreary,dark,yet stark style that really pops in all the right ways.

Almost as if rough sketches are taken and colored with care, not overdone letting the shadows do the real work and boy does it ever work.

Even the story has it's upside,Spider-man in this book without a doubt catches your interest the most. It seems although he is Zombified he isn't as accepting of it or the deeds he has done in the name of hunger. More focus should have been given to old web head, it works the best.

And I'll admit the last few pages are jaw droppingly good. With the appearance of the Silver Surfer coming as herald of Galactus, [which would imply the infection happened before galactus' first appearance, thus making some of the appearances of other heroes kinda funny seeing as they didn't have thier powers yet in Marvel History but okay the idea is neat and does give you a big grin in hopes things get better.

Artwork -B+

Story- C-

Best Cover?...Fourht Printing -Hulk Cover

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