Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling


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CMT is getting in the wrestling ring with Hulk Hogan.

The network has ordered eight episodes of the competition series "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" for a fall debut.

The series will feature 10 celebrities competing for the title of "Celebrity All-Star Wrestling Champion" through challenges and elimination matches. Two former pro wrestlers will train the contestants, with Hogan and former World Championship Wrestling president Eric Bischoff serving as judges. A third judge along with the competitors and trainers will be announced later.

Hogan is credited as creator and executive producer of the series with Bischoff and Jason Hervey of Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment.

Hogan said he's looking "to shake things up" in terms of sports entertainment with "something different and more contemporary."

I don't think I've stopped laughing since I first read this.

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The new series will feature ten celebrity contestant, male and female, in tag teams, competing against each in weekly eliminations until only one remains. The show tapes in Los Angeles in a small studio and tickets are FREE!

Think about it for a minute. Seriously. How long have you waited to see '80s music sensation Tiffany perform a pile driver on The Real World's Trishelle? Up close. For free. This show is going to make all of your reality television dreams come true in what might be the most entertaining new reality show of the season! You don't even need to be a fan of wrestling to have a great time.

Contestants include Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell), Tiffany, Todd Bridges (Different Strokes), Trishelle (Real World), Butterbean (boxer/ Jackass 2), Nikki Ziering (Playboy), Frank Stallone (musician), Erin Murphy (Tabitha from Bewitched), and two surprise contestants! The contestants will be trained by former pro wrestlers, and the panel of judges will consist of Hulk Hogan, former World Championship Wrestling president Eric Bischoff, and a surprise celebrity guest.

The minimum age to attend is 10. For more information and to print our free tickets, please use the following link. Thanks and we hope to see you at the show!

Dear lord this is going to be so monumentally bad I'm going to have to watch it.

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