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Resident Evil 4: I beat the game without cheating, and I beat Separate Ways without cheating.

I've played mercenaries a bit. It's impossible (for me anyway) without infinite health & ammo, but even with that getting 5 stars with all of the characters (especially Krauser) is a daunting task. But I really want that handcannon.

So, I'm looking to cheat. I have a Gameshark - anyone know of Gameshark codes that would help me out here? Something to directly enable the handcannon or max points in the mercenaries game would be awesome.

I've done an exhaustive web search and I'm coming up with nothing. I've found a couple leads on Action Replay codes, but I don't own it and I'm not looking to buy one.

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After supreme effort, I finally got 5 stars on every level with every character. It wasn't easy!

I had to go to the store, buy a codebreaker device, select the "max score" cheat, and then run around the levels avoiding enemies until the timer ran out. The village was especially tough, as I had to make it to the tower alive and climb the ladder - no enemies follow you up there.

Always remember that it's only cheating if you get caught.

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