The Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx


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Rocker Tommy Lee is about to get even more animated.

The wild Motley Crue drummer is set to lend his voice to "The Life and Times of Jimmy Jaxx," an animated half-hour loosely based on his own life. Smart Entertainment ("Blades of Glory") is behind the project, currently in the early stages of development at Fox.

"I've always loved the animated world," Lee said. "How fun and kooky is this gonna be, to combine some real-life experiences with some seriously over-the-top humor."

Project revolves around a rocker who attempts to balance his crazy lifestyle on the road with a calmer existence at home. The character is distracted, however, by his tattoos -- which come to life and are constantly trying to lead him down the wrong path.

Smart's John Jacobs is set to exec produce, along with scribes Michael Davidoff ("Working"), Steven Ilous ("Polar Express"), Bill Rosenthal ("Tripping the Rift") and Steve Freeman -- whose credits include "Stripperella," the animated series from Lee's ex, Pamela Anderson.

Davidoff said the writers have already been mining real-life stories from Lee, who will also serve as a producer on the project.

"He told us some great personal stories, like the time he filled a bathtub up with Cherry Icees for his kids," Davidoff said. "He didn't expect that they'd end up being dyed red... He's been very generous and open with his life."

The show, Davidoff added, is rooted in stories about "an unordinary guy trying to be ordinary. He's struggling between maturity and immaturity, between the Viper Room and Paint Me Glaze Me."

Lee has been spending a great deal of time lately on the smallscreen. He starred in the reality series "Tommy Lee Goes to College" for NBC and also served as a judge on CBS' "Rock Star: Supernova." Next up, Lee appears in the Planet Green series "Battleground Earth."

Smart and Jacobs, meanwhile, are also behind the upcoming Disney feature "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Jacobs is also a consulting producer on Seth MacFarlane's "American Dad."

Gee, I wonder if the tattoos coming to life had anything to do with the mountains of drugs he took <_<

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