Episode 216


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Can't wait to listen to this.


Ian, another great segment, but unless I'm mistaken, it's X-Men Origins. Not X-Men Originals.

Cobra Commander is the Third Rock kid...? I had no idea!

Origins, Originals, potato, poh-tah-toe. I do stumble on words at times, although this wasn't nearly my worst (and I know that's not why it's being pointed out). At one point of a CR review (I *think* for TMNT, but I really don't remember) I mispronounced the word "niggles" for....well, a racial slur, let's say. If you listen to a past review of mine and hear a clearly re-recorded "niggles", think that the jarred shoehorning of a word into a review is much better than how the original cut would've sounded..... :unsure:

In fact, I say "Southern Hick racists" when I meant to say "rapists". In that they didn't actually do anything, neither is technically true but there was attempted rape rather than attempted mispronouncing the word "niggle" :D

Away from me, sucks about the conference. I don't tend to go to them, especially as they're not really on my doorstep, but I can imagine that being horribly frustrating.

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Can't wait to listen to this.


Greatest in-joke payoff ever.

Ugh, and I thought after Anime Boston people would make sure to not have their guests waiting for half a day to get into the fucking convention. I really want to call Randy and ask if he's still in line in Toronto. Fucking hell.

Street Fighter II V (as in the letter, not a roman numeral. Did you even listen to the podcast this week?)

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Only on Earth-2.net the Show can we have a 30 minute recap of a convention that never got past the door. :happy:

And this may have been Sloth's best segment yet, and not just because I got name dropped.

The hilarity of all the bad puns, his inability to pronounce Mr. Eko's name, just absolute gold all around.

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