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Five more films have been given my seal of approval, with one existing film being graded even higher in retrospect. Did 30 Days of Night suck the competition dry? Will Will Smith will his way into the top spots with either Men in Black or I Am Legend? And are Iron Man and The Return of Swamp Thing the new bookends of this chart? Read on, unless your memory is particularly good!

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I love the Reeve! I just haven't reviewed any Supes films that he's been in for the site yet! That day will come, though.

As for the Reddick, Sin City was something I was holding off on until the sequel came out. But as that seems a bit far away at the moment, I'll probably review it alongside The Spirit at the end of the year/beginning of next year. As for the other two, I have a project in the works regarding such films but I will remain moot on it for now.

Just in case there are any more enquiries regarding where certain other films are, this year, I can PROMISE that the chart will have Hellboys I & II, Hulks Old & New, Wanted, certainly two Punisher films (possibly the original if I can get my mitts on it - I know how much everyone enjoyed the similar Fantastic Four ep last year!), The Spirit and, as I say, probably Sin City too. And as for The Dark Knight, that will be marked in style!!!!!!!!

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