Eureka: Season One, part one


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Every once in a great while, despite a nearly superhuman commitment to do so, the Sci Fi Channel forgets to suck. This usually tends to happen at 9:00 PM Tuesday nights during summer rerun season. (Well, there's also Who Wants to Be a Superhero, which happens to be the greatest reality trainwreck in the history of humankind, and is entertaining on an entirely different level of schadenfreude. But I digress.)

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As an unabashed fan of Eureka, I'm so glad to see coverage of it on!

A few things:

- Fargo is the shit!

- Kevin isn't that bad.

- Taggart can either be awesome or stupidly annoying.

- While Vincent, the chef, is nowhere near as awesome as Fargo, he's still awesome.

- The Artifact storyline is intriguing, but I can see how it would bore some people.

- The only out-of-sequence episode that bothered me was "Blink," if only because its odd placement was so blatant. Well, that and Allison's makeup was really heavy. It simply didn't suit her character to be wearing so much.

- For a while I was convinced Jo was a robot or cyborg.

- The third season premiers 29 July!

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- Kevin is, in fact, that bad. Again, though, here he's not too much - he almost never actually does anything - but in Season Two he really irritated me.

- Vincent the chef is made of awesome.

- July 29 can't get here soon enough.

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