Episode 267


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This week Des and Mike talk about a Silver Age tribute book (The Age of the Sentry #1), the perfect blending of sex and action (Incredible Hercules #121), the rise of a former Avenger (Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #33), terrible urban stereotypes (Marvel Adventures The Avengers #28) and characters you've never heard of before (Mighty Avengers #18). [ 1:05:26 || 29.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_267.mp3

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I think the Age of the Sentry series is a response to the recent negative reaction to the Sentry. His original series was well received and I think that this mini is aimed at reminding people why they may have initially liked the character, rather than just relying on the pretty poor depiction in the current Avengers books. Its basically a bit of damage control for what was supposed to be a new big gun in the Marvel canon.

I'm trying to think of a prominent black marvel character who hasn't been depicted in a negative racial stereotype. The only positive role models appear to be from africa itself, all the rest seem to suffer from talking like Huggy Bear every so often.

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Just finished reading Age of The Sentry #1. Like Des I was looking forward to this and was a little anxious after the IIWY review. I shold note that I went into this having not read anything involving the Sentry except for the Mighty Avengers arc and picked it up for its retro style. I enjoyed the second story more than the first and got a Golden Age DC feel from the first as well. The art for both stories fit the Silver Age look they were going for. I thought the cover before the second story was a nice touch, so were the retro styled Bullpen Bulletins page and the M.M.M.S mail away. That being said, I wish that the solicits on the page and the ads were for old Silver Age Marvel books, because reading a solicitation for an Agents of Atlas book due in 2009 or an Embrace Change ad did pull me out of the Silver Age style they were going for. Overall, I liked it enough to buy the rest of the issues, but I was a bit dissapointed.

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