My custom-made Xenogears models

James D.

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I posted these over at the Oratory months ago, but here is as good a place as any to post them. The models are all miscellaneous Gundam model parts cut, carved, painted, or thrown together with other Gundam parts from different kits to make these models. I guess you could say they are from scratch.


--Emeralda's badass gear, Crescens. The wings are clay, and they took...I shit you not...3 MONTHS to harden and fully take shape. That was aggravating as hell. However, I found that super glue rules everything and just splotched a layer of that over them to harden them permanently. The feathers are real, with a layer of jade-colored paint over them.


--First pic of Fei's 2nd gear, Weltall-2. This pic doesn't do it justice.


--Much better color in this pic. The camera flash didn't screw up as badly here.


--3rd and final pic: Weltall-2's Chi Blast pose. I took an open Gundam hand and carved the ring finger and pinkie finger off of it to make it a ninja-style hand shape.

Don't ask me where I got the time to make these things. I did win an award for the Crescens model at Anime Weekend Atlanta 7. I have two more models that I will post pics of when I can get a chance.

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I loved these when you posted them at the Oratory, and they haven't lost a step. These are so awesome.

Thanks. :)

I made a Brigandier/Andvari model with a cool twist. I took a Deathscythe Gundam and cut it's wings off. I painted them red and attached them to the Brigandier model. So, it can be Brigandier without the wings or Andvari (the omnigear) with the wings. Oh, and I made the whips out of guitar strings. You'll see when I post the pics.

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