Action Comics #870 (SPOILERS!)


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As much as I loved the first four issues in this storyline, the final part was a bit of a letdown. Frank's art seemed rushed, as did Johns' script. The entire book lacked the emotional impact it was aiming for, leaving the return of Kandor and Pa's death feeling empty.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still highly recommend people buy these five issues (#866-870) or the eventual trade, just be prepared for an ending that's a bit hollow.

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The fight with Brainiac was weak, Supergirl stopping the missile held no power, the return of Metropolis was nothing special, the freeing of Kandor lacked the majesty they were going for and Pa's death simply didn't resonate with me.

I disagree on almost every level.

fight: most badass I've seen Superman in a while

missile: gave her a heroic moment during a moment of doubt securing that Superman is still the force that turns the wheel

Metropolis: agreed, especially after the last issues' prominent supporting cast

Kandor: had all the majesty it needed

Pa: set against the majesty of Kandor, I thought it worked perfectly.

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