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October 9, 2008 - Every year, THQ and Yuke's put out a WWE game, and every year, fans piss and moan because the roster is out of date -- someone switched shows, someone won a championship, and so on.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 gives you the power to shut up and fix any continuity errors.

Yes, via the Roster Editor, fans can pop into the game's roster and switch Superstars to whatever brand they like (Raw, SmackDown, ECW, Free Agent, Legend, or a special classification that's only available after being unlocked), swap titles, decide who is clean and who is dirty, as well as view stats and Abilities. In addition to the Roster Editor, SVR 09 packs a feature called Team Management. Here, you can create or destroy tag teams, give the duo a name, or add others to the stable.

These changes only affect the exhibition stuff -- i.e. changing a champion isn't reflected in Road to WrestleMania or Career Mode -- but both of these modes are good for every character -- created, unlocked, Diva, etc. -- in the game and available from the moment you turn on the system.;RSSid=918351

Some guys have been announced for the game even though they were let go <_<

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Okay, that feature was in the first Smackdown vs Raw. Doesn't fix the 30 guys that they leave out of the roster.

Also, why the piss can't it be reflected in career mode? There's no stories to be told. It seriously can't be that hard to program. Why would I care if Matt Hardy is on ECW in exhibition mode?

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If anyone cares here are all the superstars in the game(not including some possible legends):

- Ashley

- Batista

- Beth Phoenix

- Big Daddy V

- Big Show

- Boogeyman

- Brian Kendrick

- Candice Michelle

- Carlito

- Chavo Guerrero

- Chris Jericho

- Chuck Palumbo

- CM Punk

- Cody Rhodes

- Curt Hawkins

- Edge

- Elijah Burke

- Festus

- Finlay

- Hardcore Holly

- Hornswoggle


- Jeff Hardy

- Jesse

- Jillian

- Jimmy Wang Yang

- John Cena

- John Morrison


- Kane

- Kelly Kelly

- Kofi Kingston

- Lance Cade

- Layla

- Maria

- Mark Henry

- Matt Hardy

- Melina

- Michelle McCool

- Mickie James

- Mr. Kennedy

- Mr. McMahon


- Paul London

- Randy Orton

- Rey Mysterio

- Ric Flair

- Santino Marella

- Shad

- Shawn Michaels

- Shelton Benjamin

- Snitsky

- Tazz

- The Great Khali

- The Miz

- Tommy Dreamer

- Trevor Murdoch

- Triple H

- Umaga

- Undertaker

- Victoria

- William Regal

- Zack Ryder

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My biggest problem with 2008 was the control scheme. I am not fond of using the analog sticks for the grapples. The control scheme in 2006 was the best of the series, followed by 2007, then 2005.

And can we please go back to text-based storylines? I would much rather have tons of different storylines to play than have voices in the game.

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To be honest, it was a good idea on paper, but they executed it horribly. The main problem I have with modern wrestling games is that outside of moveset, no one is really distinctive. In Fire Pro, you can not only set parameters for their movement speed, whether or not they climb the ropes or do dives, whether or not they taunt before a big move, how often they go for their finisher, how different sorts of moves effect them, etc.

They completely eliminated weight detection, no one has realistic movesets, and even guys like The Great Khali can do planchas. It's absurd.

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At least in 07 it was near impossible to pick up Khali if you were a cruiserweight, in 08, the only person who couldn't lift him was Mysterio! Plus Orton has the punt now.

On the PS2 version of SDvR 2007, only super heavyweights (Kane, Big Show, Umaga, etc.) could pick up Khali. Even John Cena could not lift the "Ultra Heavyweight."

It was stupid that they had Khali in a higher weight class than Big Show, who (at the time) was 60 pounds heavier. Also, Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V is 50 pounds heavier than Khali.

I wish, just one time, that Jerry Lawler would squeal about "puppies" when Big Daddy V (Big Daddy Double-D?) is coming to the ring. Just one time. That would rule.

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Ha. IGN gave it a 7. They're usually the ones that pimp this game the most, too.

The reviewer didn't seem to know what he was talking about half the time, as he was touting the AI sliders as an innovative new feature. :unsure: That's been in the games for at least two years now.

Career mode is a sham, create a finisher is too limiting, the AI is still horrible. All shockers.

Apparently THQ also announced a patch today that is going to fix CAW attributes so you don't have to take all of them through career mode. The game just came out and there is already one huge problem they had to fix.

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