Left 4 Dead

James D.

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I didn't mean that literally. I meant it in the sense that it's like Halo. Unless you're playing with other people, there's no point.

Do you have a 360? My friend and I are going to be playing this pretty frequently for the foreseeable future, and if you want to join us in a party, by all means.

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I don't have X-Box Live, unfortunately. When my money situation is more stable, I fully intend on getting it at some point. I'm not as huge of a multiplayer guy as I used to be, but I'm really starting to feel the pain of getting shafted on DLC constantly.

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So I received this game for Christmas and as of 30 minutes ago, I’ve now got a headset. I’ll be bumping my live subscription back to gold tonight as well. So I’m just wondering if any of you chaps would be up for a game at some point in the near future. I’m a still pretty new to this whole online thing, but I really want to test this game out with a few other people.

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