Episode 44


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Commissioner Gordon hunts down Batman for the apparent murder of Mad Stan ("Eyewitness"), a robot assassin is loose in Gotham City ("Zeta"), fearful parents are sending their teens off to a nightmarish reformatory ("The Last Resort"), Curare is back in town ("Final Cut") and an out-of-work arms developer makes life hectic for Batman ("Armory"). [ 1:40:18 || 45.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_044.mp3

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Haven't listened to the whole episode yet (not much traffic on Christmas Eve, so only 30 minute drive to work, and that's when I listen), but I wanted to say a couple things.

Mike, hope things went well with the last minute mall shopping. I can relate - my wife decided she needed to get something more for her niece - so of course, I had to go on Dec 22. On the bright side, I ran into Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife doing their last minute Christmas shopping, too. My excitement was somewhat tempered by the embarrassment I felt in actually immediately recognizing two people from a show I've never seen...

On the computer issues, sorry to hear about your troubles, guys. I would offer this consolation, though - if you lived in the DCAU, your computers would have exploded by now. So it could be worse.

I looked at "Eyewitness" kind of like the followup to "Over The Edge", with the hypnosis being used in place of the dream sequence. I side with James, that Barbara's reaction is in line with the no killing in the Bat-Family (except for when Tim Drake killed the Joker, but a) Tim wasn't himself and b) if anyone had it coming...). Additionally, by this point in her life, Barbara is very much a law-and-order, disapproves of vigilante justice kind of person and that has been well established, so it fits with her character.

As to the issue of the last 2 Spellbinder episodes barely featuring him, I kind of like that. I think it makes him a much more intelligent villain - more working under the radar, manipulating things. I said on the forums about "Hooked Up" that that was one of the more practical supervillain plans out there, and that he'd probably be able to argue that he wasn't doing much illegal in court. This was another one - he's not jumping up and down, leaving riddles as clues or signing his crimes. He's operating very stealthily (well, as much as you can in an orange and black jumpsuit) and not drawing attention to himself because he's trying to accomplish his goals rather than get attention. I actually like this apprach, because there aren't many Batman villains that keep their egos under control to this degree.


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I can't think of a single DCAU episode over the course of WFP's history where Mike and I disagreed more than "Eyewitness". Maybe "The Demon Returns", but I wound up reducing my score by a lot in the STAS/GK retrospective episode. And I can tell you all for a fact that I will not reduce my score on "Eyewitness".

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Guest DCAUFan1051

Excellent episode guys..... I'm actually gonna go back and watch these episodes Armory/ Big Jim was also Jim Rhodes in the Iron Man Cartoon and he was Tombstone in the Spidey cartoon here's his imdb:

Dorian Harewood.... Armory In BB and more....

ROTJ is fast approaching woohoo!!!

sorry to hear about your PC troubles James .....and Mike I loathe when monitors go out as well. Luckly I just bought a new Widescreen 22" Samsung earlier in the year so I'm good on those.

As far as Barbara being on her high horse and everything.... I don't like the voice in the series Stockard Channing just doesn't sound like what I think "old" Babs should sound like.

Well that's it for my thoughts I'm listening to E2TS 293 so I'm kinda distracted from writing this :D

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About not giving the audio to Barbara in "The Last Resort"-

That would have been such a simple solution. Bruce and Terry give the audio to Barbara. She now knows there's something going on, even if she doesn't have admissible evidence. But, as Commissioner, she can check it out through official channels, and GET official evidence, then everyone thinks, "Damn, the Commish has a nose for these things!"

On the other hand, if the evidence Batman collects is inadmissible in court - well, that finally explains the revolving door at Arkham and Blackgate, doesn't it? Apparently, Janet Van Dorn in "Trial" was right - Batman really IS the problem.


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