What trade paperbacks should I buy


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I got 40$ to spend on comics for christmas and i really want some good trades that i could buy from instocktrades.com but i really dont know what to get, and i was hoping that some one could give me suggestions. I already have the Watchmen, Batman Year one,Batman: The Long Halloween, DC THe New frontier, Kingdom Come, Ultimate Spiderman 1-6, Ultimates 1 and 2, The Crow, and a couple more. Any suggestion would be really great.

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Superhero comics

- All Star Superman, volume one (The best Superman stories ever. Volume two hasn't been released yet, but you should still get this one.)

- Captain America: Winter Soldier, volume one (There are two volumes, but try the first one before you buy the second.)

- Green Lantern: Secret Origin (The origin of Hal Jordan. Trust me, if I'm recommending a comic about Hal Jordan, it must be good. This is a hardcover.)

- Wolverine: Enemy of the State, volumes one and two (Wolverine is brainwashed and turns on the superhuman community.)


- Atomic Robo, volume one (Mix Deadpool with Hellboy and you have Atomic Robo.)

Non-superhero comics

- Criminal (Any of the trades will do, because they're self-contained.)

- Northlanders: Sven the Returned (Vikings! This volume collects eight issues and costs $6.30 at InStockTrades.)

- Scalped: Indian Country (All about life on an Indian reservation.)

- Walking Dead, volume one (It's an ongoing story about people living in a zombie-infested world.)

To get the most for your money, of those I'd get Captain America, All Star Superman, Northlanders and Scalped. At InStockTrades that will come to just under $40. However, if you're not keen on reading non-superhero comics, go with Captain America, All Star Superman and Atomic Robo. That comes to $33 at IST. Toss in Scalped or Northlanders, both of which are $6.30, and you're at $40.

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thanks i probrobly will get all star superman, green lanturn secret origins, and the captain america trades. atomic robo looks really good so i might get that too, and one of my friends has walking dead so i can just have that because he doesnt want to read comics anymore. the wolverine one looks intresting, and i think my mom just uped my budget to 60 so i can probrobly squeeze most of what you recommended in

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