Darth Vader VS. Dr. Doom

James D.

Who wins?  

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Situation: Doom is travelling through the cosmos for raw materials to build a giant disintegration cannon on Earth that will last forever. He happens upon Darth Vader's new Death Star. They fire upon his ship. So Doom, being the angry guy he is, plows his way through the legions of Stormtroopers inside the spaceship to Vader's room. They have a fight to the bloody death. Who wins?

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All too easy.

Vader's more than equpped to handle anything Doom can throw at him and has been training intensively in physical and mental combat since he was a child. Plus, he's able to channel the force through machinery (which according to the EU books, is a trait that runs in the Skywalker family), so Doom really doesn't have a prayer here.

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I voted Doom.

Vader has The Force, but Doom cancels that our because he is one step behind Dr. Strange to be Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Doom's armor makes him physically stronger (and more durable) than Vader, and Doom has longer-range weaponry.

And Doom defeated the Beyonder.

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