Episode 09


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Returning to the regular format, Ian and Adham end their review of The Man with the Golden Gun with a personal anecdote, having identified which characters impressed and which characters were so offensive that one presenter dropped the C-bomb. Hear the slightly edited results and much more, including Ian's inferiority complex regarding the popularity of his brother's one-off appearance, and why Nick Nack makes Adham think of R. Kelly. [ 2:37:18 || 72.0 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/foryourear...arsonly_009.mp3

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A Turducken is a Chicken, inside a Duck, inside a Turkey. Its a monument to gluttony, and when I breed the first one that doesn't need to be rudely constructed like some ghastly satanic flesh sculpture I will be given lordship over huge swathes of land and my pick of the peasant girls.

I know my episodely correspondence is as inevitable as Bruce Campbell in a Sam Raimi film but I do like to ensure this podcast gets at least a small helping of the response it deserves. Come on people, show some love.

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Cool. This was the first Bond novel I ever read.

(Well, assuming we don't count the Find Your Fate version of A View to a Kill.)

Looking forward to listening to this.

I quite liked this movie, although I can certainly see why Ian didn't. I thought the idea of someone becoming slightly obsessed with Bond was cool, in a comic-booky sort of way.

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