I Got Someone who can Play The Joker in the next Batman movie


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Look, I may get chastised for even suggesting another person for the role, but check this guys site out


He acts just like Heath Ledger in a very eerie way and at times looks so much like him, just skinnier. Tell me if I'm wrong, but if you had to have him, even just for a few scenes this guy would not tarnish Legder's memory he would most likely honor it.

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I don't really think they absolutely need to have the Joker in the next movie.

After a few more viewings, Ledger's Joker was pretty solid, but there were other performances in TDK that were better. And as it is, Joker's probably in Arkham; the next installment can afford to focus on other villains, maybe hint that he's broken out at the end of the movie.

Plus there will be backlash if Nolan even tries to do that at this point, from fans of the Ledger performance.

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Well, to me, if their were going to do the Joker in a third film if they made one, I would say that the person should make their own stamp on the joker, like Ledger did.

To me Maggie Gyllenhaal portrayed Rachel Dawes in her own way instead of playing Katie Holmes take two.

This guy although good, is trying to play Ledger, what I feel Ledger did was he got himself into a state of mind, which he couldn't potray to others to play the character, like many actors do, thats why some performances to me are inimitatable. And if that's not a word, then dammit, it should be.

But that's my thoughts, the guy is good though.

remember the main thing about the joker is multiple choice which means sadly, someone elses take on the character could work if they put him in a third movie, the new guy if they picked one could potray the Joker totally differnt from Ledger and it could still work.

But hey, that's my thoughts.

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I put these impression videos on the same level as most fan fiction. Entertaining, but not nearly as great as the author probably thinks it is.

The movies can continue without the Joker. Yes, Ledger's performance was wonderful, but just leave the character be.

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Joker in a "Hannibal Lecter-rsque" role, helping Bats from his cell, in exchange for some favor would be great. And he can escape from his cell with help from a young blonde psychologist...

...Or we can just accept that if Nolan makes a third film, both Two-Face and Joker are done.

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