A Threevening with Kevin Smith


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I loved the first one, but thought the second was terrible. I had mixed feeling about getting the third one but did anyways. My thoughts:

Kevin Smith can drag out a story. He'll tell 5 stories in the middle of telling the first one. The story about his dog turned into childhood stories about cats, floods, getting his first 3 dogs, and anything else he can throw in. It was kind of annoying the way that first question took up half the first disc.

His thoughts on Superman Returns are the same as mine.

The Bruce Willis stuff were the best stories on the dvd.

Over all it goes right in the middle of the first and second one. It has some good stuff, but mostly just drags on with his rambling.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I have no idea about the 3rd Kevin Smith DVD and haven't seen it yet.

however I loathed the second DVD release I'm trying to get rid of that damn DVD

The first one he did was excellent and I believe he was more humbled in that one versus the second one where I thought he came off to into himself.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
At the rate he goes? About half a sentence.

that's funny :laugh:

in all seriousness I loved the first one he did it felt like a companion to his movies which I believe the first Evening was released before Jersey Girl was ever announced but I can't be sure of that.

I'd like to read his run on Daredevil but at this time I'm not spending any unnecessary cash seeing as my cashflow just got cut in half.

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Guest DCAUFan1051
I loved his Daredevil and Green Arrow, but he never seems that dedicated to his writing and I've kind of quit following his films. Never saw the second one of these although I liked the first, and the hate is making me glad I stopped when I did.

the first Evening was coming off of all his best works such as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, etc etc.... I hadn't even heard of the Second Evening until I saw the copy I have that I bought for $4 at Big Lots. I watched exactly 5 minutes of the second one and wanted to bang my head against my desk.

As I said before and multiple times that I haven't read any comics in a long time. So I'm skeptical about even starting with Smith's Daredevil run. I think after Clerks II I was done with his films and don't even get me started on SMODCast.

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I went to see Kevin Smith this past Thursday at Ohio State. My girlfriend got me a ticket for free so why not.

I will say that in person it was funny, but it did drag at some points. A few times I felt that he rambled on about something completely unrelated to the topic at hand but that basically happened when the question sucked. And there were some downright utter shite questions.

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