The King and I: In the Beginning, There was Shite


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Whether you believe that you need a PhD and an epic dose of LSD to understand Final Crisis or that Secret Invasion was a superheroic remake of Ali / Foreman, you can't deny that they are both better than many events of old. Both of the Big Two are guilty of packaging some high-grade manure and selling it to us. Often, these events are sprung from great ideas, but they're exploited and turned into something too big for editorial to handle. Thus leading to continuity fumbles, and the forcing of characters into stories in which they shouldn't be involved. Other times, they're merely cash grabs. Putting the banner of the big event book on the cover of an ancillary title is, at best, a desperate attempt to boost sales. But when they don't have the story to back it up, it leads to sour grapes. Combining elements of all of these, Genesis might just be one of the industry's worst examples of a company-wide event.

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