Marvel Debuts Female Apparel and Cosmetics


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So, more or less, Marvel is making a line of shirts with space for boobs cut out for them praising how attractive the male characters are, lip stick, and heart necklaces like you would use for friendship necklaces to appeal to females (not girls, not women, females).

...Because clearly, because I have boobs, I can't be interested in comics other than for the hot guys and the romance.

Oh, and the article contains this lovely gem:

“Since our core customer has always been guys, we need to be very careful when we introduce female product so that we don’t alienate our core,” said Paul Gitter, president of consumer products, North America, for Marvel Entertainment Inc. “


I'm sorry, but I'm just sick of this sort of thing. I'm sick of it being assumed I'm only in this for the pretties/female characters/hot men. I'm sick of comic store employees (and this happened once at Powerhouse) asking if I'm interested in Power Girl or the female version of some superhero, when I'm clearly picking up comics that would suggest I'm not.

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I don't see how this is any different than anything else girls wear. It looks to me like these are aimed at tweens anyway. The ones that wear the Hanna Montana shirts are the ones that will wear this shirt.

In fact if you look up the company that is making the lip gloss, they make Hanna Montana crap.

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Are there any other examples besides the one shirt in that article? I can't imagine that they're ALL about how awesome the male characters are.

(though, to be fair, the masses don't yet know about Black Widow or any of the other female Marvel characters, so maybe they're not yet marketable?)

DC comics has had TONS of "classy" female t-shirts for many years.



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(Though I don't get the broken heart necklaces with Spidey and the Green Goblin on 'em. Are you trying to tell us something, Marvel?)

I agree, there is something weird about that necklace. Notice where Green Goblin's eyes are pointing, almost like he is interested in Spiderman's boobs, if Spiderman had them. Unless in a big picture without the heart shape or it being broke in half, Green Goblin is slightly above him and looking down. Those two halfs of the heart may not even be in the same bigger picture. Still, this picture is just plain weird.


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