The Batman Adventures #1


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When I picked up the first issue of The Batman Adventures — the tie-in comic to the beloved Batman: The Animated Series — at my local comic shop I was surprised to see The Penguin as the villain. I stared at it for a moment, thinking, "This can't be right. Why chose Penguin for the first issue?" In hindsight, the choice might have been made to ride on the back of Batman Returns, which debuted a few months earlier. Despite not particularly caring for the character, I bought the book anyway — deciding to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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This was a good read, Erin. I haven't seen any of the DCAU tie-in comics even though I'm pretty sure they reached the UK, and it's interesting to learn how the tone of the comics differs from that of the animated series. Looking forward to the future reviews!

Oh and in that you brought up Faberge eggs at the end, I thought I'd get in a slight plug for FYEO as such a thing is the MacGuffin of the first half of Octopussy. [/shill]

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