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I have an addiction. Beyond the comics, the horror and the Kirby, I mean. I have an unending appetite for hunting down and devouring issues of DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest, which reprint stories from the 1970s and 80s. It was these that cut my teeth on DC's massive bank of continuity and introduced a very young Desmond Reddick to characters and properties like Jonah Hex, Haunted Tank and The Demon.

The above is from:

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How does the re-coloring job in the omnibus look?

Sharp but not too much you know? I find some "restorations" go too far in making the art look faked. This one is simply a restoration job. It looks like they bound the book in the 70s and published it that way. The only problem with these Kirby Omnibi is the page quality. It's essentially a little better than newsprint.

Color me intrigued. I've seen Etrigan in a few animated Batman epsiodes, but that was about it up until this.

How much does that omnibus cost?

$25 at DCBS

$32 at Amazon

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If there's one problem with DCBS, it's that their search engine is about as intuitive as a brick covered it cat shit. And you can't link to items apparently...

Under "Trade Paperbacks" select "DC"

Then under publisher "DC Universe" and scroll down to get to J for Jack Kirby's Demon Omnibus HC.

Pain in the ass.

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