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G4TechTV has been showing Read or Die (R.O.D.) as part of the Anime Unleashed line-up, and I wanted to see if it was on DVD. So I checked Absolute Anime which says it had 3 OAV episodes. (What's OAV?) But Amazon has a shit load of DVDs, and I can't figure out what's what. (Below are the links to the DVDs on Amazon.)

If there were only three episodes (or OAV episodes), why are there so many disks?

R.O.D. - Read or Die (2003)

R.O.D. The TV Series - The Paper Sisters (Vol. 1) - With Series Box and Book

R.O.D. The TV Series - Undercover Student (Vol. 2)

R.O.D. The TV Series (Vol. 3)

R.O.D. The TV Series - Turning Point (Vol. 4)

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Never mind. I just figured it out.

The first link is the original show which ran from 2001-2002 and was simply called Read or Die. The subsequent links are for the follow-up series, which is actually called Read or Dream (or R.O.D. the TV).

But still, what's OAV and is anyone else into this show?

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It can be either OAV or OVA. It stands for "Original Animation Video" or "Original Video Animation". OAVs are usually a series of anime episodes made exclusively for home video release and not for TV or cinema. OAV's usually have longer and better episodes (since they don't have to worry about TV censorship), and better animation. An OAV could be based on an already existing Anime TV series or it could be a totally original story.

As for Read or Die itself, I've seen the Japanese language versions and it rocks. I don't hold as high a hope for the English translation (I never do for any English-translated anime) but they can't screw it up that badly since it's such a uniquely cool show.

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Original Animation Video, Yoda. It's the anime equivalent of a mini-series, as they are kinda like movies but aired in episode sized pieces. A popular example would be the Rurouni Kenshin OAV's (sold as Samurai X in America), in that it's part of the universe, but not a part of the main story arc. Many anime series have OAV's, DBZ has two (the Bardok and Trunks specials). It's also sometimes done by a different set of artists (hence the "original animation").

I hope that makes sense, though James or one of the other anime fans could probably explain it better.

EDIT: Well, James beat me to it, and did a better job.

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