A late Kill Count poll


Did Bond kill people in the opening scene?  

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Long-winded poll! This relates to Bond having to complete his mission at the beginning of Octopussy after an unforseen capture. Having escaped and got into his mini-jet, he flies back towards the hangar that contains the military plane that he has to destroy. The military prevent him from getting near by firing a heat-seeking missile at Bond. Unable to shake off the missile, Bond then flies into the hangar. The soldiers try to close the opposite doors as Bond flies at them, but they fail as Bond gets through them. The missile then flies into the hangar and blows it to smithereens.

With that contrivance aired out, should the hundred or so military personal in that hangar be added to the Kill Count for Octopussy, or is it too vague to be added?

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I'm going to say that its too vague to be added. The weapon was fired by bad guys and then hit bad guys, you couldn't blame Bond if some fancy maneuvering on his part resulted in two pursuers colliding and getting killed, I think the same applies here. Bond had very little control over the exact direction of the missile and as such the deaths are more of a favorable outcome than a direct result of his actions.

Bear in mind that I am the guy who is usually in favor of pushing the killquipshag count as high as possible.

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I think that in order for it to be a "kill," it has to be at Bond's hands, not the hands of the accidental victim. It's not Bond's fault that the bad guys were stupid.

It's like that scene in Return of the Jedi where Leia (in disguise as Boussh the bounty hunter) pulls out a thermal detonator and threatens to blow up everyone in the room. If the detonator had actually gone off (and assuming that Jabba the Hutt's slime had somehow protected him from the blast), would Leia's death count as a kill for Jabba? No.

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