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Thought this may interest any London based comic fans. Mike Carey (Hellblazer, Lucifer, X-Men, The Unwritten and loads more) is reading from his next Felix Castor novel and doing a Q&A on Thursday 18th June in the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green (Zone 3). It's an intimate venue, there'll be refreshments, and on top of that, he's agreed to let me interview him for Geekplanet afterwards.

Anyone up for it? Or fancy suggesting questions for my interview?

Also, at the risk of plugging, my latest column on geekplanet is all about Mike Carey.

(Talking of plugging, I'm not just shilling here - genuinely thought people may be interested in putting forward questions for the interview. Yoda, obviously, feel free to move it if it isn't appropriate).

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Awesome! He's a great interview if anyone ever wants to check out the Uncanny-cast featuring him.

How much of the dissolution of his Rogue-led X-men was mandated and how much did he plan himself? This particularly relates to Sabertooth and Lady Mastermind. How did he feel about the end of Sabertooth?

How is Dark Reign going to affect the X-universe as a whole?

Are there big projects on the horizen beyond X-men?

Any plans to move into other major Marvel or DC characters? If not plans then any he would like to work on in an ideal world?

Any artist he wants to work with specifically?

Any artists he feels really enhanced his stories in ways that he hadn't predicted?

More questions to follow probably, although I won't be offended if you don't ask them all.

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