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First let me say that I've only seen the main even and the clip of Bisping getting hit after he was knocked silly, so I can't speak about the PPV as a whole.

That said, no, Henderson wasn't out of line. Fighters are trained to keep at it until the ref steps in. Since Henderson wasn't pulled away / stopped by Mario Yamasaki, the second punch was perfectly fine.

Brock's promo was awesome, and I'm glad to see a heel in the UFC. Due to his WWE background, a certain percentage of people are going to boo him anyway, so he might as well play into that. Plus, come on, he's an awesome asshole! I hope he holds the title for a few years, because, well, I have a total "man boner" for the guy.

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Man boner? Is there another kind of boner, Mike?

That said, I'm totally with you. I caught the PPV in a bar, and it was awesome hearing people flip out on Brock. He downright humiliated Mir, and then showed why he's pretty much exactly what UFC needs.

And I fucking hate Bisping, so Hendo can do whatever he wants.

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I watch the whole thing live and free through the UFC website (free broadcast in the UK) and thought it was a tremendous show barring the Fitch fight at the end, which I really think would have been better served being replaced by any of the fine undercard matches.

Lesnar was an amazing heel at the end, talking about how he was going to go home, drink a coors light because Bud light wouldn't pay him, get together with some friends, and maybe even get on top of his wife (which she seemed very down for considering that she just had a baby a few weeks before). The cussing out Mir after the fight, the baiting of the fans, the double birds, it was all amazing. All those MMA purists complaining about how this stuff brings the sport down have never seen the sort of antics that make sports special. Any sport be it american football, real football or whatever has over the top celebrations and bitter rivalries. Half the reason people show up for ice hockey is for the brawls. This stuff hurts this sport not one bit and anyone who says it does has some mythical fictional idea of what sport should be and has never actually watched any.

Akiyama won pretty fairly I thought, I gave him the first and third rounds. I was rooting for Bisping but Hendo's big right fist was defining the standup and that was the only area in which Bisping could hope to win. GSP showed why he's the best there is at 170 by beating Alves in dominant fashion. I pretty much fell asleep during the Fitch match.

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I don't think the options for the Bisping / Hendo poll are totally correct. Watch that replay in real-time and tell me you could've said with absolute certainty that he was out before Dan's body was in midair. He might not have had another chance to finish if he'd hesitated, so rather than risk a wasted opportunity, he went straight in for the certain kill.

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In all honesty it was an amazing card and I'm glad I picked it up.

Akiyama was not an upset as the biased announcers would have you believe, it really could have gone either way. I felt Akiyama was up on points just from the takedowns alone.

Henderson did the right thing, as someone said earlier, fighters are trained not to stop until the ref pushes them off. Henderson might, maybe, have noticed that Bisping was already out, but Bisping is a dick anyway, and an overrated hack.

I love GSP, watching him is like watching magic.

Brock Lesnar vs. Mir was pretty cool. Lesnar owned Mir as he should have. Also Lesnar being a heel is awesome, and I agree it really does help make the sport a little bit more entertaining. Too bad he apologized at the post fight press conference.

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