List of your favorite current generation games

Mr. Keith

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Mark of Kri

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Spy Hunter


SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain


Mario Party 4

Mario Kart Double Dash!!

Soul Calibur 2

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door

Super Monkey Ball 2


Crimson Skies


Burnout 3: Takedown

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Top Spin

Links 2004


The Legend of Zelda (Classic NES Series)

Metroid Fusion

Advance Wars

The Lost Vikings

Super Mario Bros. Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

I'm sure Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time would be on this list, but (I'm embarrassed to admit) I've yet to actually play it.

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Game Cube

1.Super Smash Brothers Melee

2.Animal Crossing

3.Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

4.Skies of Arcadia Legends

5. Soul Calibur 2

6. Mega Man Aniversary Collection

7. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

8. Viewtiful Joe

9. Mario Sunshine

10. Metroid Prime

(added 11-18)11.Eternal Darkness

12.Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2

13.Time Splitters 2

14.Mario Kart: Double Dash

15.Resident Evil remake

16.Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

17.Tales of Symphonia(Will probably make higher on the list the more I play it)

18.F-Zero GX

Playstation 2

1. Resident Evil Outbreak

2. Some Smackdown game(Forget which one)


4.Dynasty Warriors


1. Star Wars: KOTOR

2. Ninja Gaiden


1. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

2. Metroid: Zero Mission

3. Fire Emblem

4. Castlevania: Circle of Moons

5. Advance Wars

6. Ogre Battle: Knights of Lodis

7. Metroid Fusion

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Champ manager 03/04

Knights of the old republic

Ut 2004

grandia 2

Galactic civilzations

Dawn of War

Ground Control 2

Extreme Warfare Revenge

Sonic3 and Knuckles


Mechwarrior 4 Mercs

Baldurs gate 2

Half life

Civ2 and 3





Pro evolution 4

X-men Legends

Onimushia 3

Smackdown HCTP

Need for Speed Underground

Wild arms 3

POP Sands of time

GTA vice city

Soul Cailbur 2

MK deadly alliance

And soon FFx will be in the list

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