Favorite / Best: Sam Raimi


Favorite / Best: Sam Raimi  

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No offense to Spider-Man 2, as it is a damn good movie, but it's just... not Raimi-ish. I mean, yes, it is, especially with the scenes with Otto in the hospital, but something about it just doesn't sit with me right. Don't get me wrong, it's probably top 4 on both sides of the list(s) for me, but there are several films I can't put it over.

I'm a huge Raimi fan, so actually picking is tough, and my answers could be different tommorrow.

Favorite? Army of Darkness, without a second thought. I could watch that movie every day and not tire of it. Bruce Campbell is just out of his mind in that whole movie, and it's terribly fun to watch. Honorable mentions to Darkman, Evil Dead II, Spidey 2 and The Quick and the Dead.

Best? Darkman. Darkman. A thousand times Darkman. Raimi was just so on, with every little shot and every character. You have Liam Neeson knocking it out of the park as both the quiet, charasmatic scientist and the man completely unhinged. Larry Drake just fucking owns every scene he's in, and Frances MacDormand is only better in Fargo. Everything just comes together so well. Add in a intriguing, original concept and you've got a masterpiece. Honorable mentions to Evil Dead II, Spidey 2 and The Quick and the Dead.

EDIT: One thing I have noticed. I like Raimi much, much more before the advent of CGI. There's just something about the way he works with traditional effects that is so appealing to me.

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I'll give you that The Evil Dead can be tough to watch, but I could watch Evil Dead 2 on a loop. The last two thirds are damn near as enjoyable as AoD. The scenes with him alone in the cabin, the gearing up with boomstick and chainsaw hand, the ending, all of it. Just... awesome.

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True, I loved the sequence with him going mad and started laughing and the whole house laughing with him.

The movie really did pick up when he was left alone, as those parts were fantastic in evil dead 2.

Also, can anything beat Ash selling S-Mart shotguns to people from the middle ages?

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