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So whats your favourite storyline in the x-men.

Mine would be the x-cutioners song, Iylanna dying and Colossus's sacrifice to cure the virus, AOA and Gambits trial. Also the last few pages of the Onslaught saga where all the heros sacrifice themselves to stop Onslaught remains my alltime favourite ending to a comic.

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Fatal Attractions will always be the greatest X-Men storyline. Besides Wolverine having his metal bones ripped out through his skin, Xavier showed that he can lose it and unleashed a psychic beam that turned Magneto into a vegetable. Colossus turned heel, Wolverine left the X-Men because his healing power was burned out and he didn't want to be a burden on the team. Cable was destroyed by Magneto. The X-Men and X-Force were never the same after it. The whole thing was one tragedy after another.

Fatal Attractions set the stage for the next decade of X-Men-related comics.

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Fatal Attraction is the storyline that drew me into the X-Men, so that one will always hold a special place in my heart. AOA, however, was the one that made me a rabid X-freak. But if I had to name a favorite... hmmm... I'd have to say... I really don't know.

As a writer, Weapon X (by Barry Windsor-Smith) is golden because, despite being a Marvel/X-Men comic, it has the balls to slow down and deliver quiet moments before all Hell breaks loose. It's a true example of what one can do with the form if they really care about the character(s) and the story they have to tell.

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