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So this has been bugging me for the last couple of days. I work part time at a drive-thru. People order their beer, I had them said beer and give them the cost. Say the total is $7.43. They hand me $8.00. They do not say keep the change. The question becomes: when do I say thank-you? I tend to say it when I give them their change back. However a lot of people have been driving away without their change and as such, I don't say thank-you. I don't want to be rude to these people (they are the nice ones that tip (I am plenty rude to the drunks who are assholes)) but it seems odd to say thank-you before giving them their change. I feel like that is me saying I expect the tip and that they are not getting change back. So, when should the thank-you be said?

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Right along with a bunch of rich white landowners saying everyone is created equal.

That was actually written in there so that the racial issue could one day be tackled later. If they had tried to end slavery right there during the signing of the Declaration, they never would have gotten enough widespread support for the revolution. They put that line in the Declaration so that someday someone (Abraham Lincoln) could point back to it and say "look, it says right here that racism is immoral."

It was also a rebuttal to the concept of the divine right of kings (which was their excuse for putting it in there), but the future abolishment of slavery was a big part of it.

But as for the drive-thru...

I think you might quickly (but 'cheerfully') say "thanks" as you take the money, then say "thank you" as you pass the change back.

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