Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century


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Recently I decided to listen to some old episodes of The Show, including Episode 7, in this episode, Mike and Jenny talked about cartoons for two hours. It was a great episode and I started remembering all these cartoons. In my brain, I could remember all these cartoons, then I remembered one about Sherlock Holmes. I tried to remember and remember, and eventually I remembered how it was in the future. i did some searching and found out it was called Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. It was a great series that went on for two seasons and it aired on Fox Kids. What was weird is that it aired on Fox Kids from 1999-2000, which means it only covered Season 1. This is because the second season (which went on in 2001) for some reason never was shown on that channel. This series was originally made and aired in Scotland and possibly some other countries besides the US. I think it didn't get Season 2 aired in the US because Fox Kids was dying. Fox Kids only lasted two years in this new millennium. No company like Warner Bros. or Disney in America cared enough to obtain the rights and show it again. What is the future of this series? Do any people out there know how I can watch those episodes now? Any DVD releases in the US?

Here is the Wiki page for it:

What I remember about it is that it is about Sherlock Holmes except that it takes place in the 22nd century and that it aired around the same time Batman Beyond did on Kids WB, and I think one was an inspiration for the other and that they were very similar in conducting what the future is like, though these series were made by two different companies.


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