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From Bleeding Cool:

Mark Millar will be announcing his new project with Steve McNiven for Marvel on Friday.

The creative team have worked on Civil War and Old Man Logan together, with significant sales impact, so their next project is much anticipated – especially by retailers.

Especially if it comes in on time.

Millar writes;

I was out with my mates last night and came in drunk, logging onto email and literally gasping when I saw the artwork. Steve has modified his style again and I’ve never seen anything like it from him. It’s much more Travis Charest, but he’s brought something entirely new to this too. The level of detail is just insane.

Comic fans do like their detail.

So will it be Thor, putting Kieron Gillen’s six issue run in the shade a little (although John Romita Jr seems geared up for that book in the near future)? Will it be Astonishing X-Men, following on from Warren Ellis much as he did with Authority (though Ellis seems to have a number of arcs planned on the book)? Could it be a long awaited new take on Marvelman (Marvel have asked writers what they would do with the property)?

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Mark Millar:

We’re doing this for Marvel.

2/ The main character driving this is in the name.

3/ It’s going to be awesome and very big indeed.

Next month Steve and I will be doing a massive interview for this and releasing the cover image plus maybe some interior pages too. You will like these A LOT. McNiv has a more Travis Charest style lined up for this project and it’s just incredible. He’s doing the best work of his career here.

Civil War was good, Old Man Logan was better, but Nemesis will be the best of the lot.

We’re very excited.

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