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Thanks, Mike.

The video actually has clips from "The End", as well as "Birthmark" and "The Prophecy".

I named the video "Unspeakable" because the AiC song is all about keeping things bottled up and how futile it is to try to shut yourself out from everything. The whole "Terror of Trigon" story arc seemed good for it because Raven foolishly keeps everything a secret from the rest of the Titans until it's too late. And obviously, the word "unspeakable" describes the things Raven was destined to do pretty well.

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I'm not a huge fan of the song either, but the timing on this was impeccable, and as someone that's never seen an episode of the Titans, I was really surprised how dark this was. Love the contrast of Raven's blue world with the red of Slade.

Just all around fantastic work, as usual.

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I'll be honest--at first, I wasn't really high on the song (or most of the BGWTB album) either. But after listening to it a couple times, I was like, "this is fucking BADASS." When Duvall and Cantrell start singing the "A looking in view too long on the outside..." and the guitar and bass get really heavy, I was hooked. I put more thought into making those parts really good than any other.

And I'm a big fan of the album as a whole now, too.

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