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What are some books that you expected to dislike but wound up loving, and vice versa?

Off the top of my head: X-Babies #1 was one of those comics I groaned at. My initial thoughts were that the concept is silly, it further muddies the X-line, the $3.99 price tag is too high, and it's an idea that doesn't need its own miniseries. Then I read it, and as I said on The Show, you can toss all that out the window because it's a fun, exciting, well-written and drawn book with great characterization. The price is still a tad high, but each issue has a relevant reprint in the back, so it makes it worth it.

MODOK: Reign Delay had so much hype, I actually bought the issue. But I found it sort of lacking. It wasn't bad, but it was nowhere near as funny as everyone was making it out to be.

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Wanted and Kick Ass were both major disappointments, and basically jumpstarted my hate of Millar's non-company work.

And if you told me a year ago that JSA would be one of my favorite books, I would have laughed in your face.

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Tiny Titans: I had just thought of it as a kid comic, I then got an issue for my nephew, who was four at the time. I started to flip through it, and thought it was awesome. The art was different and it was able to stand on it's own as a fun comic.

Battle for the cowl: I know this one was pretty dumb to be disappointed in, but when I saw that preview at the end of FC 6, with all those characters and the buttons saying "I am Batman" and Tommy Elliot being back, I thought all this would play in and it would be fucking awesome. Then I read it, although the art was good, the story was shit and the ending was just fucking stupid, and the reason why the evil Batman had gone insane was stupid, and the final panels did nothing for me. Also, they had the Riddler who before in Outsiders said "I will find out what happened to Batman" and in this just says to Gordon "Evening" and is gone from the main story only to go do some other shit that is never picked up on.The Black Mask thing, although being played out now in the regular title, was boring and pointless to me, if I didn't care enough to know if he was still around, then why would I care about what he did to the villians, which is now moot as no one knew what to do with it. Everything that came out in June made BFTC worthless and with Daniel back on the book to write more crap storys with good art, it's a book I will be picking up in 50p bins, or not at all. Daniel was the artist for R.I.P, incase anyone wondered what he did before BFTC.

Also, Wanted was utter crap, which was a shame as I read it after seeing the surprisingly good film.

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I went into Flash Rebirth expecting to get something along the lines of Green Lantern: Recharge (Silver Age Hero returns, hogs attention.) Instead, while it has still primarily focused to Barry, Wally and all the other Speed Force users have been featured and I'm happy with some of the the things that have come out of it so far.

Things that were huge bad surprises? Can we say Countdown? We just got off of 52, Dini was head writing, and we got a large amount of hype, most positive. Then it went south from issue one on. The worse part for me is I have a policy that if a book doesn't pique my interest after so many issues, I drop it. Countdown had a habit of giving me a good cliffhanger at just those issues then crushing that hope just as I reset the Countdown to Cancellation.

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