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In an eight-part epic, The Doctor, his friends, and the recently formed UNIT must stop a mad businessman and the Cybermen from seizing the planet ("The Invasion"). And then The Doctor and Zoe accidentally resurrect a long-dormant robot species bent on destroying a subservient race ("The Krotons"). The guys also briefly discuss "The Waters of Mars" before answering a few e-mails. [ 1:03:23 || 29.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_027.mp3

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another great podcast. I'm not as much a fan of the Invasion as you both are...it's a bit rambling for me, and although the direction is for the most part excellent, the lack of budget does affect it. As you mentioned...hearing about battles which take place just offscreen is irritating, and there's a bit which makes little sense when Gregory is in Vaughan's office, and we suddenly cut to him in the sewers getting killed by cybermen.

The Kroton's get's a bit of stick among fandom. At this period in the series they were having lots of problems with scripts, with scripts being abandoned and then others havgin to be rushed (the Dominator's rewrite meant another Yeti script was abandoned...there were furthur problems because Fraser Hines was going to leave, so a new companion was created, then Troughton decided to leave and pursuaded Hines to stay on a furthur six months so they could leave together. Which meant furthur rewrites, and another script was abandoned). This story started out as a non Doctor Who story that Holmes submitted to the BBC years earlier, and when they were short of scripts they decided to use it in the series. I actually quite like it...I think the interplay between the regulars works well (I love the whole business with Zoe passing the test first time, then the Doctor failing, and then ultimatly passing).

I have to say though...I can't wait to hear what you think of "The Space Pirates"....I dont' want to say too much...but if you thought the Krotons was boring, make sure you have some strong coffee with you.

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I'm finally caught up! Awesome. ^_^

The Invasion is a treat from start to finish. It's interesting to note the story's effectiveness as a back-door pilot for the changes that were to come in the Pertwee era; an Earthbound Doctor, a clever assistant, U.N.I.T. as the Doctor's support network and the dreaded alien menace threatening London and All We Hold Dear. Jamie's lack of use in this episode strikes me as one of the clearest changes to the format; he's pretty much redundant in the realm of punch & shoot if the Doctor has the Brigadier, Benton, and the troops at his beck and call. Zoe does act as a bit of a forerunner to Liz Shaw, who is easily my favorite Pertwee-era companion who I felt got short-shrift in favor of a more Victoria-esque companion in Jo Grant (though to be fair Jo is light-years ahead of Victoria as a companion).

It took some digging through my copy of Doctor Who: The Universal Databank (a reference guide Virgin put out that acts as a glossary to ever episode of the original series) but I found that the HADS (Hostile Action Displacement System) causes the TARDIS to dematerialize if it determines the environment is too hazardous and then re-materialize a safe distance away from danger. Might've been handy to have that working in The Impossible Planet, no? Imagine Ten and Rose running into the meeting hall, burning rubber for where they parked the ship only to find the TARDIS sitting there in the centre of the room, humming it's smuggest hum. Possible explanations as to why it's not featured later in the show could be that, given the Doctor's penchant for finding trouble he disabled the system for fear he'd lose track of the TARDIS's location, or as with all things, that battered type-40 is about as old as time and the system broke down, much like the chameleon and temporal grace circuits.


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I have to say though...I can't wait to hear what you think of "The Space Pirates"....I dont' want to say too much...but if you thought the Krotons was boring, make sure you have some strong coffee with you.

Oh... oh, my...

Actually...it's worse when i think about it..not only is it 2 episodes longer, and only 1 ep exists, is incredibly dull...but also has a guest cast with worse accents than Morton Dill (and wheras he was only in 1 scene, this is SIX EPISODES).

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Just watched The Invasion for the first time.

Really liked it even though it was a little long and stretched out. Eight episodes is probably too much.

Is this the first and only time the Tardis is invisible?

Also loved the end when The Doctor couldn't find it again and had to walk with his arms out stretched and feel for it.

Troughton at his comic best.

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