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Yeah, James Cameron's illustrious cinematic debut was indeed Piranha II: The Spawning (or Piranha II: Flying Killers, depending on the print you see).

Loved that movie. Exactly the kind of cheeseball '80s trash I like to gorge myself on. From the film's IMDB page:

In an interview, James Cameron said, "I believe 'The Spawning' was the finest flying piranha movie ever made."
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August 27 is the new release date. While Piranha 3-D might not be what many consider an Independent movie, the studio releasing it is, and it looks to be going down. This is also the second time that I have heard the rumor/theory/excuse/reason that a studio does not have the money needed to market the movie. First time was when Paramount (after the collapse of the Paramount Vantage "Indie" wing) announced that they would be bumping Shutter Island from its early Oscar season November release in 2009 to February 2010, because they did not have the money needed to push the movie. Paranormal Activity put the cash in the coffers, though. The Weinstein Company has not been as lucky, every movie they have released has done only fair to poor.
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The "full" trailer debuted last Friday and should be attached to the appropriate PG-13 and R rated summer movies. I think it both expands upon and "plays" better than the jokier teaser (that still hasn't been given an "official" release). While certainly playful (Christpoher Lloyd is pretty much doing his Doc Brown for this movie) the trailer makes vague hints that there will be blood. Lots and lots of blood....

Hope this link goes up:


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From what I have heard/read/seen my prediction (these aren't spoilers as much as plot guesses based on the trailers and interview blurbs I have read ) of the movie's plot arc is as follows:

1. Earthquake in the opening minutes (during which Richard Dreyfuss becomes first victim)

2. Spring break boating "friends" on the "other side of the lake" are second victims of piranhas. (I think the canonball footage and girl trapped on boat clip comes fro

this part)

3. Investigation uncovers Piranha (Doc Brown, exploration of rift) and an attempt to close lake is made.

4. Spring break massacre (this is where the "what I have read" portion comes into play, as this is the major set piece of the film and may earn a world record for "bloodiest scene in film history" as Aja reportedly pumped a tanker full of biodegradeable red dye into the lake). Director Eli Roth evidently gets a nice send off and (I'm guessing) Jerry O'Connell gets one as well.

5. Shue and stud scientist guy head onto the lake to do battle.

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The fish looks terrible. The effects are really obvious. I hope that's fixed.

The director claimed that was the reason for the film's delay (it was originally slotted to open against Kick-Ass). "They" (he and the producers, etc.) saw Avatar and had what could best be called an "Oh crap" moment. So they pulled the movie to do some digital effects "touch ups" and "improve" the 3D to try and make the visuals kind of as good/cool as they were in that film.

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