Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel U.


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I have to say, that's a pretty exhaustive list. Each tier itself seems to be pretty well defined, though I'm sure you could move a few around within those tiers. For instance, Eternity, Infinity, and Death are pretty much interchangeable.

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When the top fourteen tiers barely matter to me, I think distinction is a bit silly. Frankly, Galactus should be able to fuck up Earth's shit, we don't need 6 tiers of guys above him.

That's what kind of stunned me to think about, Galactus nearly destroyed Earth...there are 6 tiers of even more powerful beings/people above him. The Earth could be destroyed 100 times before any so-called superhero wakes up in the morning.

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Bit crazy considering that Marvel's big properties are far more street level than DC's. What the hell is Daredevil going to do when he fights Eternity?

Then again I think Marvel's top tier encapsulates being all-powerful far better than DC's does. You get the sense that they only occupy a vaguely human shape for recognition, DC's big guys are always human shaped with vague and changeable powers depending on the writers.

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