iPod or MP3?


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I've been thinking about getting an iPod for a little while now, but I'm not so sure I need to carry around that much music. Should I get one, it would be used for vacations, to pass the time at work, and maybe while I write. My taste in music isn't that wide and I find myself listening to the same songs/albums over and over, so that tells me I should maybe look into an MP3 player.

However, I see they can run from $120 to $200 to even $250. So if I'm going to pay $150 or even $175 for -- what? -- 256 MB, I figure I might as well drop the other hundred or so for an iPod mini (which is 4 GB) or just a little more for the standard 20 GB iPod.

Another thing that draws me to the iPod is that it can be used as a portable storage device for files other than those of the audio variety. Granted, I don't transfer huge files with me every day, but I like the ability to do so.

What are your opinions on the matter?

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I would probably go with one of the offerings from Creative personally. They're just as good as the iPods (or so the reviews say), and are cheaper at comparable feature levels.

Creative MuVo TX FM - Probably the best solid state player on the market. And only $95 from buy.com.

Creative Zen Touch - Probably the best Hard Drive player out at it's price. And judging by what you want to do with it, this is probably a good deal for you.

I don't want to intentionally steer you away from iPods, though. They're great, and everybody I know who has one has been very happy with it. But if you haven't committed to a music subscription service, shop around. Dell has some nicely priced items too. With the uses you listed, battery life and audio quality are probably your main concerns, so shop around.

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I think this was touched in on my thread, but, like everything in life it comes to size. Some of the small USB MP3 players are really quite good and can act as hardrive adn some even have radios on it. I have seen them up to 512mb in size and only about $100 - $150 AUS. Of course compared to 20gig it is small, but for me, the ipod is too big to be a portable system, thats why MP3 players took off, people were sick of lugging around Discmans and the like.

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