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In the finale for March's Musicals & Mobsters, Desmond and Megan enthusiastically wrangle the huge casts of Rob Marshall's 2009 film Nine, and Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 masterpiece The Godfather: Part II. Desmond is hardly a cunning linguist, Megan gets her fill of feminism and it doesn't put her husband off. There's a lot of half-naked women in this movie, but Desmond can't shut up about Daniel Day Lewis. Man crush, anyone? Penelope Cruz is hot. Marion Cotillard is hot. Desmond makes up two odd noises to accentuate this. He also spends half the movie crafting a clever joke about Fergie and Megan disregards it immediately. Sad face. What happened to Nicole Kidman? Megan has some choice words for Tom Cruise. Then Desmond goes on and on about The Godfather: Part II while Megan naps. [ 1:02:00 || 28.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/marriedtomovies/episodes/marriedtomovies_008.mp3

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Hrm, I may have to see Nine now. It's already out on DVD?

Yes, Megan, I am Hannah. xD And yes, you have my permission to call me Hannah.

Also, follow-up on the Mamma Mia thing: We ended up going to see it at the Winter Garden, it's a LOT better live than the movie, and also just a lot of fun, period. Better singers, first off (their Donna was stunning, though the Sam was hitting the edges of his vocal range), and the staging was a lot better too. The movie is still pretty awful (I also have a thing against it mainly because my neighbor last year blasted it on a regular basis at one or two in the morning with her subwoofer).

Didn't get to go see Avenue Q, cause, you know, little sister along, but maybe next time, hopefully when I've been accepted to grad school. :P But, saw Mamma Mia, which is better than I was expecting it to be, and we were lucky enough to get discounted tickets for Chicago (there's a little kiosk in Times Square that does half-off tickets for some shows, it's worth checking out), which was not nearly as well staged as the movie (then again, they had their pit onstage, which, while awesome, cut down on the room they could maneuver in for choreography), and the secondary roles outshone their Roxie and Velma (but, the Roxie was an understudy, and the Velma was kinda... old), but it was still awesome.

If we get to NYC again, I want to try and see Avenue Q and Wicked, if at all possible.

(I've never seen Sixteen Candles either, don't feel bad)

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Hrm, I may have to see Nine now. It's already out on DVD?

Screener, and as my duty is to follow it up with: Nine is available for pre-order through your favorite online retailer and will be available at your local retailer or video rental outlet on Tuesday, May 4th 2010. Ting!

Seriously though, this is at least the second best film from last year with the number 9 in the title but it's probably better than District 9.

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