Do you celebrate any Holidays this time of year?

Mr. Keith

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Are you a fella who celebrates the season with bright shiney lights and decorated tree in the house? Spin a dreidel round and light a bunch of candles? Hell, maybe you just hate celebrating things and do nothing at all???

Whatever it is you do during this time, let it be known here.

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Considering the amount of crap Jen and I have cluttering up our house, we have nowhere to put a tree, but we do celebrate Christmas. What we do is this:

December 23 (evening): Spend the night at my father's house.

December 24 (morning): Open presents with my dad, stepmom, and brother and sister.

December 24 (early evening): We then celebrate with my dad's entire family.

December 24 (evening): Jen and I head over to my mother's house to celebrate with her and her family, as well as my stepdad and his.

December 24 (very late evening): Jen and I head home.

December 25 (morning/early afternoon): Jen and I open the presents we bought each other.

December 25 (afternoon): We head back to my mother's house to celebrate with her and her husband.

December 25 (late evening): Occasionally Jen and I will then head over to her mother's house.

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