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Does anybody still read Spawn? I tried to get into it three times -- collecting 18 - 30-ish, around issue 60, and then again with 100. I even went so far as to buy all of the back issues, and read most of them (up to 75) but I never saw its appeal.

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Long before, I was a die hard Spawn freak. But now, I read Spawn once in a while, and if there's nothing else to read at the moment. The last time I read, I forgot the issue number but it had Spawn and Sam Twitch trying to save Twitch's son from a demonic house(?). It was pretty recent I think.

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I was an enormous Spawn fan when the series first started. My first issue was #5, which still sticks out in my mind as a highlight of McFarlane's career, both in art and in storytelling.

I bought it religiously until issue 90-something, and then realized how god-awful it had become. I won't even think about it any more.


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yeah, cy-gor came out pretty early, but i still think that is when the comic took a nose dive. When it started it had plenty of potential, interesting story elements; i.e. his power counter, but then macfarlane got lazy or something, and the comic just isn't as good.

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