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Welcome to the series, Hannah!

I find it really bothersome that after two issues of the ongoing series, six of Rebirth, and appearances in every issue of Blackest Night, Johns still hasn't fleshed out Barry's persona. I honestly believe Johns is getting a pass because of who he is. If this were a less-established writer, people would be complaining left and right. But, really, it should be the opposite; Johns should be taking a lot of flack because he is a good writer, and he knows better.

Sean, I wish you would have spent more time on Principal Siuntres' speech in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. The art there is a little over-the-top, but the message is powerful and well-delivered.

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Welcome to the crew, Hannah. Something tells me you'll fit in just fine.

Agreed on the Principal's speech, Mike. I'd actually started writing a set of thoughts about it, but the speech itself was such a flash in the pan compared to the rest of the issue that it didn't seem appropriate to dwell. Bendis put on his big boy pants for those three pages, then went back on vacation for the rest of the issue.

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When they complain that books aren't like the way they were in the Silver Age, my understanding is that they want one-issue stories that don't focus on death and gore. I've never heard anyone say they want plain characters who are lacking personalities and depth.

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