Episode 46


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After saving a long-lost group of space explorers ("The Ark in Space"), The Doctor and friends prevent the Sontarans from devastating a rejuvenated Earth ("The Sontaran Experiment"). Also, our friend Erin writes in with a detailed e-mail comparing The Doctor to Sherlock Holmes. [ 57:38 || 26.4 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_046.mp3

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It turns out the address I gave for Big Finish is an old one. The correct address is www.bigfinish.com, oddly enough.

They have many other series in addition to Doctor Who, as well. For one thing, they have a couple of seasons worth of a Sherlock Holmes show that I've heard is pretty good.

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Another fun episode, though you'll forgive me if I don't start rubbing my hands together in anticipation of Episode 47. Genesis of the Daleks, the first shot of the Time War and the debut of the Doctor's true arch-nemesis Davros!

I know, I know, the Master is supposed to be the Doctor's Moriarty, but to me the meglomaniacal Kaled genius is the true antithesis to the Doctor. Where the Doctor is about freedom and discovery, Davros is about enslavement and dominance. The Master may be the Doctor's Joker, but Davros is is Ra's Al Ghul. Think about it. Davros' creations have been giving the Doctor no end of grief for the entirety of his lives, they pulled down his people's entire civilization and nearly destroyed the universe. And this is the guy who created them. Small wonder the Doctor suffered a heroic blue screen of death when he first heard his old foe's voice in Journey's End. Simply put, while the Master may be a source of pain and frustration for the Doctor, Davros scares the hell out of him.


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