Episode 04


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In "Jet," Katara falls for a sweet-talking terrorist. In "The Great Divide" the gang decides to walk across a canyon (it's exciting as it sounds). And in "The Storm" we learn the histories of both Aang and Zuko. Also, Kellen gives out the most controversial score yet. [ 58:13 || 26.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/avatarthelastpodcast/episodes/avatar_004.mp3

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Man, I can't believe you guys weren't raving about The Storm. That was the episode that actually showed the true level of maturity and depth that the show had to offer. It's what proved that the show was truly something remarkable.

You're right about The Storm - I don't think I talked a lot about it on the podcast, but it was definitely one of, if not my favourite episodes of Season One. I think it can disguise itself as sort of boring in multiple viewings just because after you have watched the series once or twice over, the things that are revealed over the course of the episode are so ingrained in your memory. But definitely, I love The Storm. It's awesome and very well done.

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I like the "JET" episode a lot. Every good story needs a band of rebels. Makes the story more interesting. I just hate that we didn't see the freedom fighters again until way later in the series. That was some missed opportunity. They have the same motivation as team avatar, but with more of a darker edge. They will hurt people. As far as Katara and Jet, it is kinda messed up that she is all about girl power, but still swoons over the "bad-boy." Typical teenage girl stuff though. If you notice, all the heartbreak that she goes through has made her bending even stronger.


Oh, and Jet is a TOTAL rip of Kabal from Mortal Kombat 3.


Kevin C. (the guy that wrote the email this episode. I've also called in couple times on WFP)

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