Resident Evil 4


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By no means do I like any of the previous Resident Evil titles, but I had the opportunity to see RE4 at E3 2004 and just played a demo at the store... and I nearly shit my pants when Leon's head was severed from its neck with one blow from a chainsaw! AWESOME! I had to buy it on the spot and cannot wait to pop this into the Cube in a little while!

Seriously, I hope this sells like half-priced hotdogs across the street from a fat camp, because Nintendo needs to open its eyes and make more M-rated games.

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Yes, which I forgot to thank you for doing so.

However, as I said earlier in the post, I'm still uncertain if that truly is the problem, since I can't get anyone around me to lend me their's so I can test it out. What I wanted was a place to get one when I finally do discover the problem, cause for all I know, I might actually have to buy an all new Game Cube.

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Take your Cube to the local EB or GameStop to see if they can diagnose the problem.  Tell them what you think it is, and ask 'em if they can test it with a cord they might have lying around in the back.

They do that? Bah, I would've done that a long time ago had I known that.

Anyway, back on topic.

This. Game. Is. Amazing.

Holy. Shit.


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No more me feeling jealous when I hear about other people playing this game, I finally got my Cube working and now I've had my chance to play the game. It's fucking awesome!

I doubt it will, but this game should sell a million copies and become the first third party Game Cube game to do so. For all the work Capcom must've put into this, they deserve at least that much.

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Soul Calibur 2 did. In fact in the first 6 months of its release it out sold the XBox and PS2 versions. The PS2 version later passed it, but I'm still pretty sure it outsold the XBox all together.

EDIT: Actually, as of its price drop in the middle of last year the GC version had sold over 550,000 units in the States alone. And Namco had sold over 2 million copies of the game on all platforms (worldwide). So I might be wrong on that.

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