Knights of the Old Republic II


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Lets see, I beat the first one, so I was desperate to get my hands on the second one. I had a whole two weeks that Enrique was home with the XBox, so I played KotOR II nonstop. I play as lightside, it's just too hard for me to be dark...

I thought that the game was amazing, certianly, since it played exactly like the first. The new force powers and second level of Jedi classes were nice, but there wasn't really any major renovations (if it ain't broke, don't fix it). So if you don't mind more of the same (which I didn't), you'll love this one. The game did seem a bit glitchy, but it was usually just skipping and slowdown that lasted five seconds tops.

In terms of story, it was fairly good, not nearly as great as the first game's story, though. I was excited to see my favorite three characters back as teammates (T3, Canderous, and !!!HK-47!!!) and cameos from others. If your looking for some "holy shit" molment in this one like the first game had, you'll be dissapointed. The ending, even though its predictable, still is satisfying and leaves the door open for even more games.

Definately a great game, not an all-time favorite like the first, but still holds its own. I can't wait for this summer when I get the game back and can play as the dark side.

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I've played the first one, but have yet to beat it. So I'll be waiting awhile before I get my hands on this one.

You need to beat the first twice. Once as light, once as dark. Believe me, you're missing a ton if you don't go through as both.

Anyway, I'll probably get this around my birthday for the PC, seeing as how I don't have an XBox.

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