Episode 182


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Rape-revenge, a proto-Scream film, and an Epic Meal Time reference? Yup! It's an episode of Dread Media. Desmond and Darryll sit down to discuss I Spit on Your Grave, which is now out on Blu-ray, before Desmond goes solo on There's Nothing Out There. Rounding out the show is some excellent feedback, and the following terror tunes: "Spit it Out" by Slipknot, "Dirt on the Grave" by Black Label Society, "Nothing Terribly New" by The Hellacopters, and "That Time of the Month" by Harley Poe. [ 1:09:19 || 33.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_182.mp3

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I find the idea of a blu-ray version of I Spit on Your Grave to be rather amusing, like the rape revenge film gains something in HD.

The very first time I watched the film, it was with the Joe Bob Briggs commentary, which makes for a dramatically different experience.

I had a lot of the same problems you guys did with the order of the killings. I also found the Matthew killing to be unjustified, really. Not only was he himself a victim in the whole thing, but at one point he makes the conscious decision to SAVE HER LIFE and she still kills him. That's not even getting into the impractical and weird way she deals with the other three. Ultimately, it's one of those movies you see just to say that you did, but I think Thriller and The Virgin Spring are dramatically better films.

You ever see the "sequel" Savage Vengeance? Terrible. I hear the remake's pretty bad too.

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Him refusing to kill her is what allows her to recover and escape though.

And yes, he, an obviously mentally retarded person, raped her after drinking and being physically pressured into the situation multiple times.

Granted, I'm not saying she should have taken him out for coffee afterwards, but the whole point of a revenge movie is to feel some sort of primal justice in the revenge, and killing him (not to mention starting with him) really just set a weird tone for me.

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Yeah, I get that.

I'm saying that it's wrong.

Not to mention that feminism is such a broad ideology that people can often have completely different ideas of its definition. Feminists aren't nearly structured enough to have an established rule over whether the retarded guy deserved to die or not.

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I haven't had time to listen yet, but what I'm really looking forward to is hearing your thoughts on There'sd Nothing Out There. This has been a styaple of Toland Bad Movie Nights from waaaaaay back.

I can't believe I never mentioned the boom mic thing. But I thought that its genius should be a surprise, you know?

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