good games for the x-box


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Depending on what you're into, I have some suggestions.


Madden 2005, football (American), a great title, if you've ever played a Madden title, it's just the same greatness with the necessary additions to keep gameplay somewhat fresh. Online.

NCAA Football 2005, football (American), solid, college ball is way different than the pro game, and there are tons of ways that this game is just as worthwhile as the Madden game. Look for a review as soon as I have some solid time on my hands. Online.

ESPN NFL 2k5, football (American), the 2k style is different and refreshing, especially when one is used to playing Madden. Great title, super deep Franchise, fun online, solid overall.

NHL 2005, hockey, solid series, can't remember all the great things this game has to offer, they're so plentiful. Online, if I recall correctly.

NFL Street 2, football (American) but just barely, it's like playing football out in the streets with your friends, but inviting NFL players and breaking all the rules of physics. It's good fun, and online, but it gets tiring fairly fast.

ESPN NHL 2k5, hockey, Great title. Hockey is incredibly fun to play online, and this title reminds me of NHL '94 sometimes. I love it. Some copies have a problem with freezing, but it's almost forgivable in the face of the awesome gameplay.

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