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Yeah. That doesn't sound too appealing. I'd prefer if they were totally new characters but  meh.

They are new characters; they're not young versions of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Thor. They are teenagers modeling themselves after their idols.

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Well... not to pull the topic from the graveyard... well yeah actually that is exactly what I am doing.

I have been following Young Avengers myself and I am quite pleased so far, we are onto Issue #5 I think, don't have them handly at the moment.

The characters are definatly not just young versions of the characters, the only one remotely close is Patriot, and his character personality differences more than easily make up for the similarity in powers. The others are more thematically similar. They make a show of being comparitive, but in reality are actually quite distinct.

Mind you, the team of Hulkling, Patriot, Iron Lad and Asguardian does expand in more recent issues, and it is quite entertaining. I will refrain from spoilage at the moment, although I am sure I will later spill more inticing tidbits.

The next story arc looks like its going to be pretty funny. From what I read it pertains to the kids dealing with their double lives, keeping that they are Young Avengers (a name which they really do not like, but were dubbed with by the media) secret, or how they come to terms with it, and how they balance home life with saving the world. I suspect a good read, but I will say more once I am done reading the next issue once it comes out.

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So a year and a day since my last post on this thread.... I figured I would ask a quick question.

The first season of Young Avengers has concluded with 12 issues, and a single one shot in the middle. Did anyone else on here end up reading it? I did. Moreso, would anyone be interested in a review of the first season?

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