Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


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I'm interested. 3 was a nice inventive action film. Although the mere act of Tom Cruise running was ruined by family guy when they suggested he uses the idea of running away from his own gay thoughts as motivation. I've always liked the man on screen though, throw in Renner, Pegg and a good trailer and I think I'll be seeing this.

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I know they poked fun at him in previous films for it, but seriously, jumping off another building?

Other than that, if Renner wasn't the new Jason Bourne, I would have predicted this was a 'handing over the reigns' story, but now I'm not so convinced. How awesome is Simon Pegg though.

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Really enjoyed this. It was a really good sequel of sorts to the last one, not in a story line way, more of a feel and vibe of it. They did a bit of picking on themselves for the absurdity of some of Ethan Hunts antics. The major downside side to it was the main female lead, I haven't seen her in anything else, but I thought she was woeful. Maybe she was just outclassed by sharing most of her scenes with either Cruise and/or Renner but I thought she was out of her depth. Even in the few scenes she had with Josh Holloway she wasn't that good. He was a bit of a surprise packet though, hope for his sake he gets some more film roles as he definitely held his own.

Not sure there will be another one with Cruise in the lead though, as he was definitely showing his age in a couple of scenes.

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